The Knot Will Hold by Sgt. Tuzzie

This is the story of the 320th GAFBN (320th Glider Field Artillery Battalion). It is also the story of the prowess of the 105 mm howitzer. The 320th Battalion was one of several battalions in the 82nd Airborne Division.

The 320th was composed of six gun crews to man the 105 mm howitzers. Each crew consisted of a gun crew chief as well as five or six crew members. The 320th gun crew chiefs were: Sergeant Tuzzie, the first gun crew, Sergeant Sackett, Sergeant Swain, Sergeant Sword, Sergeant Parker, and Sergeant Reinquest. In each crew there were two breech men and a soldier in charge of the lanyard.

There were several sizes of howitzers. There was the 75 mm, pack mule, howitzer, the 105 mm howitzer, the 155 mm howitzer, and the 220 mm, long barrel, howitzer. The 105 mm howitzer was the only one adapted to fit a glider to make it airborne. It was shortened to fit into the glider.

There was a select, handpicked crew of soldiers chosen to test fly a 105 mm howitzer, their gun as they called it, in a glider to prove that it was an airborne weapon that could be towed and landed where needed. The 320th was a special unit similar to the Navy Seals of today. The present day 82nd Airborne motto is: “Sleep well the 82nd will protect you.” ‘The Knot Will Hold’ is centered on a single GI as it relates to others in conflict. It enhances and describes the situation of a WWII soldier for the reader so he can appreciate the vigor's, sufferings, and miseries of all honorably discharged GI servicemen.

This is a comparison of the Waco glider to the 75mm howitzer as an inset. This kind of gives you an impression of how the howitzer would fit into the glider.